No worries about xap file installtion in WindowsPhone


In my testing carrier, I found that most of my colleagues are running around to find the solution for installing the Windows Mobile Application during the development process.

Client also facing the same problem when a developer send xap file to show the development progress. In such a situation, the developer must convey the steps to install the xap file in Release Notes.

Here, I am suggesting some important steps that would be helpful to you to stop running for an alternative solution for installing the xap file. In the steps, I have used the software downloading URLs (WindowsPhone 8 SDK, Windows Phone Power Tools, Zune Player, Unlock a WindowsPhone). If you are facing any problem while configuring such softwares please feel free to contact your IT Admin.

Instructions to install the Windows Mobile Applications


  1. Desktop/Laptop – Windows 8 64bit
  2. Windows Phone 8 SDK installed (
  3. Windows Phone Power Tools (as an Alternative to Visual Studio 2012) (
  4. Zune for deployment in Windows Phone 7.1 (
  5. Steps to developer unlock a windows phone (

Once the Prerequisites are installed in the given order. Please follow the following steps:

Steps to deploy XAP file on device

  1. Run Windows Power tools
  2. Connect a Windows phone 7.1/8 device, ensure the screen is unlocked.
  3. In the “Connect to” drop down choose device and click on “Connect”.
  4. Browse the XAP file from the saved location and click on the “install” button. Please uninstall any previously install version before installing.

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