Way of Software Testing

More defects => more chances of failure => lesser reliability

Faults & Failure

  • —Failure: A software failure occurs if the behavior of the s/w is different from expected/specified.
  • —Fault: cause of software failure
  • —Fault = bug = defect
  • —Failure implies presence of defects

Role of Testing

  • —Reviews are human processes – can not catch all defects
  • —Hence there will be requirement defects, design defects and coding defects in code
  • —These defects have to be identified by testing
  • —Therefore testing plays a critical role in ensuring quality.
  • —All defects remaining from before as well as new ones introduced have to be identified by testing.

Detecting defects in Testing

  • —During testing,  an application is executed with a set of test cases
  • —Failure during testing => defects are present
  • —No failure => confidence grows, but can not say “defects are absent”
  • —Defects detected through failures
  • —To detect defects, must cause failures during testing

Special cases

  • —Application often fail on special cases
  • —These depend on nature of inputs, types of data structures,etc.
  • —No good rules to identify them
  • —One way is to guess when the software might fail and create those test cases
  • —Also called error guessing.

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