Send Automation Reports as Mail Report

    Automation test reports are one of the important deliverable of Automation executions. Getting those automation reports in the mail automatically is the another important concept. Here, I would like to share the information about how to send your automation reports as mail report with attachment while automation of your application with Java or... Continue Reading →

Extent Reports in Automation – TestNG

     TestNG itself, providing an HTML report in test-output folder. I had a thought of building custom report for automation, after that I built one PDF customized report using iText PDF Java library and took more effort to build it. Later I thought to build a custom beautiful high rich HTML reports with minimum effort; that time Extent... Continue Reading →

Selenium Automation using C# (MSTest)

     One day, I got an opportunity to write selenium automation using C# language and MSTest framework. Prior to scripting, I started the configuration from the scratch to achieve my selenium scripting using C# and MSTest. Here I would like to share my experience with configuration and scripting part, Steps for install and configure... Continue Reading →

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