Automation for Non-Functional Testing – Mobile Network Connectivity

     Most of the time I thought Automation only possible for functional testing. Now, Appium supports non-functional testing like testing of connectivity while automation script execution. Here, I would like to show the capability of Appium to do connectivity testing of Android Native applications. The connectivity testing includes: WiFi Mobile Data Airplane    ... Continue Reading →

Inspect elements in Mobile Web application

     Web content behaves differently on mobile than on desktop. While automating mobile web application most of the time I have faced lots of problem in identifying the element locators to do the actions. Here we have the Chrome DevTools for inspect element of Mobile Web application in Android and Safari Web Inspector for inspect... Continue Reading →

Android – ADB essential commands

     Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is an application that available along with Android SDK (in platform-tools folder). The ADB is typically accessed through the command-line interface. In Android application environment, ADB plays an important role especially in debug situations. Your Android device should be in debug mode enabled state to get the interaction with... Continue Reading →

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