Automation for iOS 9.3.x and above

     For iOS automation, Appium relies on system frameworks provided by Apple. For iOS 9.2 and below, Apple's only automation technology was called UIAutomation, and it ran in the context of a process called Instruments. As of iOS 10, Apple has completely removed the UIAutomation instrument, thus making it impossible for Appium to allow... Continue Reading →

Appium Desired Capabilities for Android and iOS

     Most of the time I observed that people facing the issues at the initial stage of running their automation scripts due to lack of knowledge in the selection of Desired Capabilities based on their Automation platform. Here, I would like to explain important Desired Capabilities for following: Mobile Web Android Mobile Web iOS... Continue Reading →

Appium Configuration in Windows and Mac

Configuration of Appium for Android in Windows PC Step 1: Install latest version of JDK ( Step 2: Set JAVA_HOME Right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Properties. Click Advanced system settings Click the Environment Variables Under User Variables, click New. Enter the variable name as JAVA_HOME Enter the variable value as... Continue Reading →

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