Automation for Non-Functional Testing – Mobile Network Connectivity

     Most of the time I thought Automation only possible for functional testing. Now, Appium supports non-functional testing like testing of connectivity while automation script execution. Here, I would like to show the capability of Appium to do connectivity testing of Android Native applications. The connectivity testing includes: WiFi Mobile Data Airplane    ... Continue Reading →

Automation and BDD Framework using Cucumber

     In this article, I would like to share the concept of configuring BDD (behavior-driven development) and running of Selenium using Cucumber. Cucumber –JVM is based on cucumber framework which allows to writes feature file in plain text using Gherkin language, this feature is supported by step definitions file which has implemented automation code... Continue Reading →

Inspect elements in Mobile Web application

     Web content behaves differently on mobile than on desktop. While automating mobile web application most of the time I have faced lots of problem in identifying the element locators to do the actions. Here we have the Chrome DevTools for inspect element of Mobile Web application in Android and Safari Web Inspector for inspect... Continue Reading →

How to write maintainable tests in Selenium or Appium or any automation scripting

       One of the biggest challenges with Selenium tests is that they can be brittle and challenging to maintain over time. This is largely due to the fact that things in the application you're testing change -- causing your tests to break.      But the reality of a software project is that change... Continue Reading →

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