Image Comparison during Automation

     I had a requirement to compare the images/screenshot of the application during the automation execution. In that use case, I have to inject an expected image and compare it against the application's UI during the runtime; after that need to share the test results in a detailed report. The report should capture the... Continue Reading →

Read parameter value from TestNG XML file

     We have some situations in the automation to read parameter values from the TestNG XML file when the engineers use the TestNG framework. The parameter value may be used in different use cases like creating automation driver sessions, during automation execution, and during report generation.      We can read parameter values from... Continue Reading →

No System.setProperty! No WebDriverManager!

     In earlier days of web automation using Selenium, we used to start a driver session with help of many intermediate steps and third-party dependencies. We used System.setProperty to set the driver executable path prior to instantiating the session and used this method for many years as a traditional way to start the session,... Continue Reading →

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