Speed Up Android Appium Test Automation

      There are three special capabilities available in Appium for speeding up Android test initialization (available in the latest Appium version). Also using the appPackage and appActivity desired capabilities instead of the app capability helps for speeding up Android test automation. skipDeviceInitialization skipServerInstallation ignoreUnimportantViews      skipDeviceInitialization is available for all Android platforms, this desired... Continue Reading →

Espresso vs UiAutomator2 in Appium

     Espresso is an Android test automation library maintained by Google. It has a number of advantages, for example built-in view synchronization that ensures element finding happens during idle periods in your app. Most people assume Espresso is an alternative to Appium; you’d pick either Appium or Espresso, not both. From this perspective, there’s... Continue Reading →

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