Browserstack supports mobile native automation

        I would like to announce that Browserstack supporting native mobile automation capability. Now you can upload the apk or iPA to browserstack server (in your browserstack account), set up the capabilities, create Android or iOS driver and start scripting. Keep following steps in your mind: Step 1: Setup Environment . Ensure you... Continue Reading →

Different Driver Services in Selenium and Appium

     As we know that the importance of Automation is increasing day-by-day. And also most of them are looking for open source tools like Selenium and Appium. In 2017, there are some modification happened in Driver instantiation for Selenium Drivers and Appium Drivers. They are commonly using DriverServices to build and start the services for... Continue Reading →

Automation for iOS 9.3.x and above

     For iOS automation, Appium relies on system frameworks provided by Apple. For iOS 9.2 and below, Apple's only automation technology was called UIAutomation, and it ran in the context of a process called Instruments. As of iOS 10, Apple has completely removed the UIAutomation instrument, thus making it impossible for Appium to allow... Continue Reading →

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