Selenium Automation using C# (MSTest)

     One day, I got an opportunity to write selenium automation using C# language and MSTest framework. Prior to scripting, I started the configuration from the scratch to achieve my selenium scripting using C# and MSTest. Here I would like to share my experience with configuration and scripting part, Steps for install and configure... Continue Reading →

How to fetch DRIVER_EXE_PROPERTY for different browsers dynamically?

   In case of Selenium Automation for Web application, most of the time people needs to set DRIVER_EXE_PROPERTY in the code level prior to driver instantiation. For that we need to download the respective DRIVER_EXE and set the path of the DRIVER_EXE in the code.   Here my piece of code explain how to fetch DRIVER_EXE_PROPERTY automatically while script execution for... Continue Reading →

Automation for Windows Desktop Applications

      There are lots of different automation tools and frameworks are available for windows applications like – Sikuli, AutoIt, Winium etc. I have gone through all of them for desktop application (windows) automation for testing. All of them have different pros and cons.         Among all of them I found Winium the most easy... Continue Reading →

Selenium – Sikuli

Automate anything you see using Sikuli (an interesting GUI automation tool). As said Sikuli automates anything you see on-screen using the image recognition method to identify GUI elements on the screen. Most of the automation testing tools will not support flash object automation (E.g. Selenium). Sikuli provides extensive support to automate flash objects. And also Sikuli... Continue Reading →

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