Find Element By Image Locator Strategy in Appium

      Picking the right locator strategy during mobile automation helps to stabilize the automation flow. One of my previous articles, I have already mentioned the selection of the right locator strategy. There I have mentioned about -image selector.     The -image locator strategy is pretty nifty. Supported on all platforms and drivers,... Continue Reading →

Find Off-Screen Elements In Android Using Appium

     In this article, I would like to share how to find off-screen elements in Android using Appium and also how 'Android Data Matcher' Locator Strategy works better. One of the known limitations of finding elements on Android is that the Android UI renderer doesn't actually build and render elements until they are about... Continue Reading →

Pick the Right Locator Strategy during Mobile Automation

       Here focus just on the selector strategies provided by Appium for native iOS and Android testing using the UiAutomator2 and XCUITest drivers.  Here's prioritized list of locator strategies: accessibility id id XPath Class name Locators interpreted by the underlying automation frameworks, such as: -android uiautomator, -ios predicate string, -ios class chain -image 1. accessibility... Continue Reading →

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